Technology Investment and Management for Agro-Food, health and bio products


The roles of people as creators, partners, contractors, opportunity seekers, technocrats, problem solvers, researchers & identifiers form the core of our stakeholder membership whose expectations we will constantly strive to fulfil.

Our value drivers are our members and our success will be determined by cooperation, interaction and mutual dependence which form the foundations of our Symbio Global Venture approach.  Our support is delivered through a large network of experts and professionals resulting in a comprehensive solution to our clients and partners towards long term interests.

We propose to successfully deliver breakthrough innovations by continuously creating, advancing & applying novel ideas, market observations & technologies to effectively and optimally deliver solutions to needs in food & bio-products through applied research & collaboration guided by knowledge, competence, teamwork and leadership of our dedicated members.

In the long term, we will be a global trusted partner for technology & innovation management solutions serving essential needs of health & well being.

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Bio logistics

Bio logistics

We integrate four parts of Agro & Bio product with logistics and provide solutions that are sustainable in the longer term. Our core business proposition is aimed at providing Innovation & Business development solutions by building joint competence through a collaboration model to deliver innovation at various stages

Innovation & Business development solutions

Innovation & Business development solutions

Our business advantage reflects on the value we create for our customer and partner members at every stage of innovation. We believe every stage is vital and our competence should aim at “significantly reducing the perceived risk and inertia” so as to encourage enterprises in undertaking low-risk.

Combined competence platform integrated solutions

Combined competence platform integrated solutions

Our solutions encompass a centralised project management feature working alongside strategic partners in areas of business strategy and technical execution delivering a combined competence. Business opportunities created by evaluating the commercial viability of market ideas and inventions.

We actively network to identify potential partners in various areas of competence to fulfil the overall needs

  1. Intellectual & scientific knowledge to evaluate inventions.
  2. High value expertise backed up by experience (strategy, legal & IT competence etc.)
  3. Platform to deliver effectively integrated & reliable resource optimised solutions.

  • Business & market research services for Agriculture, food & specific bio-products.
  • Consultancy services for product and process development.
  • Project management services for small scale projects and sub-projects through a custom built IT module & portal.